A 'walrus' going for a dip -- in November

The Winter Palace and Palace Square -- peopled by tourists and ghosts

A toddler's eye view of the Embankment

Pushkin loses his teapot - probably to be found in the basement of the Russian Museum behind

Detail of the railings of the not-so-summery Summer Gardens

The Art Nouveau railings of the Mikhailovsky Gardens - cast from aluminium at a time when it was more costly than gold...

That'll be the Summer Garden

A sailing ship moored in front of Prince Menshikov's former palace (on the left)
Vasilevsky Island

Wibbly-wobbly boat ride on a canal

Trying the knot St Pete's style at the 'Bronze Horseman' statue

Atlantes holding up an entrance to the Hermintage Museum

I liked this sign - it's for the Circus or Tsirk